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You are a Strong Man is a life-changing book that explores some of the challenges that men face on a day to day basis. With topics ranging from battling with sex addiction, fear of rejection, living in a fatherless home, and going from a whore to a mentor, Robert Vann doesn’t hold back and exposed his experiences with these pitfalls and how he overcame them. He wrote this book to encourage men to love and believe in themselves in the midst of the things and embrace the fact that God loves them regardless. Robert came to this awakening himself after going through a divorce after 7 years of marriage, while serving as a local minister, mentor, leader, sailor, and friend. Through this event Robert was at the lowest point of his life but one day God told him that he was a Strong Man, so he decided to turn his pain into power. Through God's help, Robert was able to write this book to let men know that life isn't over and no matter what stage of life they are in, they are Still Strong MEN!

You are a Strong Man (E-Book)

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